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A lesson, from the Wizard Of Oz

Going from ordinary to extraordinary performance requires a shift in your thinking and doing. The thoughts you have today and your action have brought everything you have today into your life. But those same thoughts and behaviors are unlikely to get you to the next...

Understanding Buying Motivations

Understanding Buying Motivations

A motive is an inner state that moves or prompts a person to action. For example, it becomes a buying motive when the individual seeks satisfaction through the purchase of something. Buying motivations are the underlying factors that come together to influence...

Understanding Buying Motivations

Selling Is Like Eating a Bowl of Spaghetti

One of my clients recently said, “Selling in the midst of this pandemic feels a lot like eating a bowl of spaghetti. Every once in a while, you get a meatball—a win here-and-there.” When COVID-19 hit, a lot changed in the world of selling! Of course, prior to the...


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