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Increase in Close Ratio


Win More Profitable Sales in Today’s Digital Age

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“Human Dynamic Selling Sales Strategy is directly responsible for our sales team having two consecutive years of record sales. The consistent and disciplined use of Human Dynamic Selling helped us improve sales funnel activity, increase close ratios, and drive sustained profitability.”
Tom Laurin - President

“We’ve been using SHIFT Thinking Selling for the past three years and I attribute a big part of our sales team’s success to the sales playbook you designed for them. Our sales team now has a customizes sales roadmap that puts them more in control of each selling situation and as a result they’re winning more deals.”


Jay Boyle, Jr.
President, Salem Five Insurance Services

“SHIFT Thinking Selling is a unique approach to selling and self-managing that all sales professionals can master. It is a process that expands the seller’s thinking and empowers them to differentiate themselves not only by what they sell, but, by how they sell. Today, as a result of SHIFT Thinking Selling, our executives are closing bigger deals and creating a legacy of trusted relationships.”

K. Patrick Armstrong
Vice President, Business Development, Resource Pro

“My entire sales team walked away excited to use their new sales tools and concepts. To sum it up, the light bulb has been turned on and the sales team has a clear vision of the work they need to do to get results. When it comes to results-drive sales training, SHIFT Thinking Selling has nailed it.”

Brian Cote
President of Sales, 44 North

“The Selling Skills Institute is way ahead of most sales training companies in spotting trends, teaching pertinent selling skills, and transforming how salespeople think and act. The results: breakthrough success.”


Wayne Moda
Executive Vice President of Sales, Kirdwood Printing


Millions of Dollars to Client’s Bottom-line


Sales Professionals Trained


Training Programs that Stick Beyond the Classroom




SHIFT Thinking™ Proprietary “Breakthrough” Change Training MethodTransform Sales Teams into Ultra-High Performers

Prospecting and Appointment-Setting Training2x Your Number of Qualified Appointments and Build Robust Pipelines

Human Dynamic Selling ModelTurn Reluctant Prospects into Profitable Clients Faster

Professional Sales Training for Today’s B2B Sales AdvisorsShorten Sales Cycles, Boost Close Ratios by 25%, and Accelerate Revenue

High-Performance Sales CoachingReach Your Fullest Potential and Grow Sales Exponentially

Human Dynamic Selling PlaybookThe Mindset, Skillsets, Techniques, and Habits to Win More Sales in Less Time

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Charlie Anderson

About Charlie Anderson – Founder

Charlie Anderson is the founder and President of Selling Skills INSTITUTE. During the past 18 years, Charlie has trained and coached thousands of sales professionals in the insurance and financial service industries, commercial printing, publishing, digital media, outsourcing, TV broadcast, banking, marketing, and advertising fields.

Charlie is the creator of the proprietary Shift Thinking™ “breakthrough” change method which drives profound transformation in thinking and behavior, and leads to EXTRAORDINARY SALES RESULTS.

He is the author of six books, including his number-one bestseller, The Secret to Winning Big, which he co-authored with the legendary personal development trainer, author, and speaker, Brian Tracy.

Charlie was recently recognized by The National Academy of Bestselling Authors, an organization that honors authors from many leading independent bestsellers lists.

About Selling Skills Institute.

Selling Skills INSTITUTE is a unique sales training, coaching, and sales performance improvement company that designs and implements educational programs that are tailored specifically to your organization. Our sales training and high-performance coaching programs are deeply rooted in ongoing research and trends that evolve in the marketplace, they cover every stage of the sales process, and they have empowered sales advisors to drive millions of dollars in sales to their company’s bottom-line.

Our SHIFT Thinking™ Method

Transform Sales Potential into World Class Performance with
SHIFT Thinking™ “Breakthrough” Change Training Method

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Tap into buyer’s mental models and win-over today’s complex B2B buyers
Turn reluctant prospects into profitable clients faster
Dramatically improve your win rate and drive sustainable revenue growth
Beat annual sales goals and reach top-performer status
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Double your number of high-paying sales appointments, build a robust sales pipeline, and boost your earnings in 2019This FREE on-line sales prospecting webinar will be filled with new, proven strategies and tactics.



You’ll learn how to transform…

Gatekeepers from blockers into receptive contributors
Prospect’s initial resistance into high-profit conversations
Hard-to-reach prospects into approachable, open-minded buyers
Sales pitches into opportunities to uncover customer’s buying motives
Voicemail messages into branding campaigns that entice buyer’s attention


I’ll analyze your sales situation and provide you with my best advice on ways to maximize your sales effectiveness.

Set more qualified appointments
Reach more decision makers
Build a robust sales pipeline
Set more qualified appointments
Bust-through sales goals
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