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A motive is an inner state that moves or prompts a person to action. For example, it becomes a buying motive when the individual seeks satisfaction through the purchase of something.

Buying motivations are the underlying factors that come together to influence customers to consider purchasing your product or service (solution).

Buying Motives that stimulate a customer to act:

1. Economic Motive. The economic motive is money: making money, saving money, increasing profit, increasing sales, etc. But, while it’s a typical influencer in the decision-making process, it’s rarely the only thing a buyer is motivated by.

2. Reducing Risk Motive. Many buyers are motivated by risk aversion or “playing it safe.” Customers often fear change because of the unknown impact it may have. As a result, they might feel safer maintaining the status quo, choosing a conservative option, or opting for warranties and guarantees when making their purchasing decision.

3. Time Motive. This motive can take several forms but centers on time. Can you deliver your product or service quickly? Will it save the customer time and hassle?

4. Pride or Prestige Motive. People want to make purchasing decisions that make them look and feel good. A customer may be looking to make their mark on a company with an impactful change. They may also want to receive recognition for a job well done. Either way, improving or maintaining a professional reputation certainly can come into play with a purchasing decision.

Each person involved in the decision-making process will have some underlying motivation that influences them. It’s the seller’s responsibility to uncover the underlying reasons.

Many sellers make assumptions regarding the motives of the customer, and many times those assumptions are wrong. To identify a customer’s underlying buying motives, sellers must do something they might find challenging: ask strategic questions and listen to comprehend what’s said and what’s not said.

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