Transform your Sales Team into Ultra-High Performers

Advanced Sales Prospecting and Appointment-Setting Training

2x Your Number of Qualified Appointments and Build Robust Pipelines. Advanced Sales Prospecting and Appointment-setting is a unique methodology for helping sales professionals to identify and create qualified opportunities, shorten sales cycles, build healthy sales pipelines, and improve win ratios.

High-Performance Sales Coaching

Reach Your Fullest Potential and Grow Sales Exponentially. Sales coaching is the key to sales success and improving the performance of sales organizations.  Our High-performance sales coaching programs inspire increased self-motivation to learn, change, and dramatically improve results.

Human Dynamic Selling Model

Turn Reluctant Prospects into Profitable Clients Faster. Human Dynamic Selling is a new, holistic B2B sales model that abandons the old self-focused, product pushing selling traps of yesterday, and embraces a human-to-human approach to connect with today’s buyers as human beings with hearts and minds.

Human Dynamic Selling Playbook

The Mindset, Skillsets, Techniques, and Habits to Win More Sales in Less Time. Human Dynamic Selling Playbook serves as a roadmap that outlines high-win strategies and tactics, key success factors, common language talk tracks, and competitive awareness that will improve overall selling performance.

SHIFT Thinking Proprietary “Breakthrough” Change Training Method

Transform Sales Teams into Ultra-High Performers. A proprietary sales training method, based on aspects of neuroscience, behavioral economics, and social psychology. The basic premise of SHIFT Thinking is that a shift in thinking must proceed a shift in doing. To achieve breakthrough sales results, you can’t just change what you do. You first must SHIFT how you think.

Professional Sales Training for Today’s B2B Sales Advisor

Shorten Sales Cycles, Boost Close Ratios by 25%, and Accelerate Revenue. We offer our clients over 100 customized sales training programs that help sales teams connect with today’s buyers as human beings…not simply buyers of products and services. Our programs are deeply rooted in ongoing research and trends that evolve in the marketplace, and they cover every stage of the sales process.

Why Sales Performers Choose Us

“I’ve been working with Charlie for about 6 months. In that time, I went from knowing almost nothing about Sales, to being far more capable to confidently take on and run my own business. The biggest hurdle is often myself and Charlie doesn’t allow me to put up the roadblocks I’m inclined to make up. He refocuses me on the activities that have the best results. His customized approach has met me where I am in my own learning, shifted my thinking about what Sales really is, and allowed me to build meaningful relationships with my clients to help grow my business.”

Beth Zukowsky
Co-Owner, Fuller Incentives

“We’ve been using Charlie Anderson’s SHIFT Thinking Methodology for the past four-years and I attribute a big part of our sales team’s success to the customized sales training and coaching programs Charlie designed for them. It has helped propel them to new levels of achievement.”





Heather Dougherty
President, The Flanders Group

“Charlie Anderson has transformed our sales department to help us achieve incredible results, enabling us to pick up dozens of new accounts and double our business revenue in one year! He has helped us turn our sporadic sales efforts into a systematized approach with well-defined value statements and brand differentiators.”

Matt Leskanic

“With Charlie Anderson you gain an experienced partner who is as invested in growing your company’s sales as you are. Whether you have a sales staff composed of seasoned veterans or new recruits, Charlie Anderson’s SHIFT thinking and tailored coaching will help your team discover that they can always push their attitude, performance and sales numbers to the next level.”

Ryan Laurin
VP Sales, Laurin Publishing - Photonics Media

Transform Sales Potential into World Class Performance with
SHIFT Thinking™ “Breakthrough” Change Training Method

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    Mental conditioning is to selling as physical conditioning is to sports. Combining aspects of neuroscience, behavioral economics, and social psychology, SHIFT Thinking is a step-by step method to retrain the mind to think and behave in new, highly-productive ways, which drives optimal performance and extraordinary sales results.

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    Clients are taught interpersonal skills such as: active listening, questioning techniques, open-minded mindfulness, deliberate thinking, emotional intelligence, rapport-building, verbal and non-verbal communication, and how to cultivate emotional connections with clients. Additionally, they are taught selling skills, strategies, and tactics that empower them to assess opportunities, set qualified appointments, build pipeline velocity, shorten sales cycles, shift customer’s mental frames, shape and influence buying decisions, and turn reluctant prospects into profitable clients in less time.

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    Sales Model

    Human Dynamic Selling is a novel B2B sales model that shatters old selling paradigms, transforms sales reps into sales advisors, and empowers them to authentically connect with customers as human beings with hearts and minds, not simply as buyers.

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    Clients are taught high performing habits such as: goal-setting and follow through. Self-management and self-control. Deliberate thinking—to think with a clearly defined focus. Self-reflection and self-correction. Prospecting and persistent follow-up. Prioritization and sticking to routines. Continuous learning and self-development. Risk-taking and courage. The execution of these habits transform average sales performers into top performers, and they perpetuate extraordinary long-term success.

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    Research proves that companies using a structured sales playbook, mapped to the stages in the customer’s buying cycle, are 33% more likely to be HIGH PERFORMING COMPANIES. Human Dynamic Selling Playbook serves as a roadmap that outlines high-win strategies and tactics, key success factors, common language talk tracks, and competitive awareness that will improve overall selling performance.


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