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It’s NOT informational sales coaching and training, IT’S TRANSFORMATIONAL.

Individuals, Sales Teams, Sales Leaders, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs

For over 25 years, Charlie Anderson’s proprietary high-performance transformational sales coaching and training programs have successfully delivered measurable sales growth.







I’ll show you how to OUTthink, OUTcompete, OUTperform, and 
OUTsell your competition.

I’ve Helped Thousands Of People Just Like You:

  • Set more qualified appointments
  • Build a robust sales pipeline
  • Win more profitable clients faster
  • Significantly boost their income
  • Grow their confidence, success, and happiness
  • Win the thinking game of selling
  • Breakthrough perceived limits
  • Grow their confidence
  • Elevate their sales game
  • And boost their revenue and earnings

Shift Thinking Training Method

Shift Thinking Training Method is a transformational sales coaching and training method that outlines essential steps sellers must take to shift their thinking, adjust their beliefs, change their behavior, venture beyond their perceived limits, and maximize their potential, revenue, and income.
90% of sales professionals who consistently apply the Shift Thinking principles measurably improve their sales effectiveness.

200% increase in qualified appointments –  25% increase in close ratios

Human Dynamic Selling Model

Human Dynamic Selling Model delivers repeatable, profitable, and sustainable sales results. It completely flips the script on conventional selling. It enables sellers to engage with customers at a human level, align expectations, assess sales opportunities, uncover customers’ purchasing processes, and buying motives, spark behavior change, and tailor solutions to the customer’s logical needs and emotional wants.

Your thinking is the biggest impediment to sales success period!

“Only when sellers shift their thinking, adjust their beliefs, and change their behavior will they achieve their fullest potential.”
– Charlie Anderson!

Complimentary Sales Consultation

I’ll analyze your sales situation and provide you with my best advice on ways to maximize your sales effectiveness.

  • Set more qualified appointments
  • Reach more decision makers
  • Build a robust sales pipeline
  • Set more qualified appointments
  • Bust-through sales goals

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Charlie Anderson is the owner of Selling Skills Institute, a Boston-based high-performance sales coaching, and training business that designs and implements transformational programs that empower today’s sellers to break through self-limiting thinking and become highly successful sales professionals.

For over twenty-five years, Charlie has trained and worked with high-performing sales professionals, entrepreneurs, and business leaders who struggled to reach the next level of sales success.

Charlie is the author of five books, one of which he co-authored with Brian Tracy, that became a number-one bestseller—”The Secret To Winning Big.”

Charlie’s professional mission is to help humanize  the sales profession by flipping the script from conventional, product-pushing selling to an authentic, human-to-human experience. 

What Our Clients Are Saying

“We’ve been using Human Dynamics Selling for the past three years and I attribute a big part of our sales team’s success to the sales playbook you designed for them. Our sales team now has a customizes sales roadmap that puts them more in control of each selling situation and as a result they’re winning more deals.”

Jay Boyle, Jr.

Salem Five Insurance Services

“We’ve been using Charlie Anderson’s Human Dynamic Selling Model for the past five years, and I attribute a big part of our sales team’s success to the customized sales training and coaching programs. It has helped propel them to a new level of sales achievement.”

Heather Dougherty

President, The Flanders Group

Human Dynamics Selling is a unique approach to selling. It is a process that expands the seller’s thinking and empowers them to differentiate themselves not only by what they sell, but, by how they sell. Today, as a result of Human Dynamic Selling, our executives are closing bigger deals and creating a legacy of trusted relationships.”

K. Patrick Armstrong

EVP, Chief Revenue Officer , ReSource Pro

“My entire sales team walked away excited to use their new sales tools and concepts. To sum it up, the light bulb has been turned on and the sales team has a clear vision of the work they need to do to get results. When it comes to results-drive sales training, Human Dynamics Selling has nailed it.”

Brian Cote

President of Sales, 44 North

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