Quickly Master The Art Of Shift Thinking & Attract More Income
& Sales Success Into Your Life.

Private, 1-to-1 SALES COACHING

This transformational (able to influence shifts in thinking and behavior) coaching is for experienced sales professionals, leaders, business owners, and entrepreneurs who have put their careers on cruise control and lost their edge. If you feel stuck and unfulfilled in your sales career and are committed to soaring to new heights and making your next income leap, you are a perfect match for this private, 1-to-1 transformational sales coaching.

HERE’S THE SAD TRUTH: Unless you Shift Thinking and DO something dramatic, NOW, your 2022 will be the same as your 2021.

The same old, same old THINKING,
gets you the same old, same old, RESULTS
Any time you sincerely want to change and improve your life…
the first thing you must do is Shift Your THINKING.


Shift Thinking is a proprietary transformational sales coaching framework. The basic premise of Shift Thinking is that a SHIFT in Thinking must precede any attempt to change behavior. In other words, you’ll keep getting the same results if you don’t shift what you think.

For over 25 years, Charlie’s Anderson’s practical and straightforward Shift Thinking Principles have helped thousands of sales professionals.


  • Achieve massive breakthroughs
  • Elevate your sales game and boost your income
  • Become a more confident and authentic version of yourself
  • Turn fear and uncertainty into your fuel for success
  • Break through procrastination and take action towards your goals
  • Leapfrog from where you’re at to where you want to be

The truth is every successful entrepreneur will tell you, “the moment that changed everything… WAS THE MOMENT THEY SHIFTED THEIR THINKING.”


SHIFT THINKING Private, 1-to-1


Here’s what you will get:

  • A complimentary 45-minute strategy session to identify bottlenecks and blind spots preventing your growth and to develop a crystal-clear plan to achieve your sales targets and revenue goals
  • Four months of live (virtual) sales coaching tailored to your needs. Each month, you will engage in two sixty-minute, private 1-to-1 coaching sessions with Charlie Anderson
  • You’ll receive four 30-minute sales training videos, downloadable sales templates, prospecting “talk” tracks, cheatsheets, and downloadable PFDs
  • For four months, you’ll receive an all-access pass to a powerful live 60-minute sales boot camp on Zoom with Charlie
  • Charlie will help you work through your sales challenges, breakthrough self-limiting beliefs, elevate your sales game, and help you get the results you want…FINALLY!
  • Lifetime access to Charlie via email if you need help with sales issues that might arise
  • A copy of Charlie’s Ultimate Sales Prospecting Playbook – a comprehensive, 125-page playbook that outlines a proven roadmap to help you skyrocket your sales and prospecting results
  • A 35-page, full-color, downloadable sales planning workbook where you’ll record your goals, commitments, and completed action steps

My 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

You can do so with complete confidence when you step up and join the Shift Thinking Sales Coaching Program. However, if you are not satisfied after your second coaching session, contact Charlie Anderson that same day for a full refund.

About Charlie Anderson

Charlie Anderson is the founder and owner of Selling Skills INSTITUTE, a transformational sales training, and coaching business.

Charlie creates and delivers transformational sales training and coaching programs for sales professionals, managers, entrepreneurs, and sales teams who are stuck and disappointed with their sales results.

During the past 25-years, Charlie has coached some of the most successful and highest-paid sales professionals, business owners, and entrepreneurs.

Charlie is the author of six books, including his number one bestseller, “THE SECRET TO WINNING BIG,” which he co-authored with the legendary personal development trainer, author, and speaker, Brian Tracy.

Charlie was recently recognized by the National Academy of Bestselling Authors, an organization that honors authors from many leading independent bestsellers’ lists.

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